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We Are Hiroshima/Setouchi Area Tourism Specialist

In addition to Peace Memorial Park and Miyajima that are indeed popular tourist spots in Hiroshima, we have many more places to visit! A couple of hours-drive from Hiroshima City will bring you to various fascinating sightseeing spots.

Incorporating the requests from your travel agent, we will introduce you to the most suitable sightseeing itinerary that foreign visitors can enjoy and discover the charms of Hiroshima.
If you are interested in going on an excursion to this area, please feel free to contact her at MyConcierge, Inc!

We Serve as a Tour Coordinator in Hiroshima, Setouchi.
We will show you some attractive places to visit in this area.

・At Sandankyo Gorge in the northwest of Hiroshima, you can enjoy full-scale trekking.

Sandankyo Gorge runs 13 kilometers through some of the most beautiful natural scenery in the northwest of Hiroshima and is designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty. Once you step in, what spreads out in front of you is stunning nature’s beauty season by season. The lush greens of spring and the golden hues of the autumn leaves make Sandankyo a popular spot. Furthermore, there are some breathtaking waterfalls where you can get to see if boarding a ferryboat. You must feel refreshed and healed with each and every scene of large rocks, steep cliffs, moss, trees, and clear water there.
Special trekking guides are there to help you. They will choose an appropriate course to suit your physical condition and provide you with pleasant fatigue and the highest satisfaction.

・Tobishima-kaido in the southeast of Hiroshima offers fabulous views of beautiful islands in the Seto Inland Sea.

・If you have a taste for Sake, go to Saijo in the center of Hiroshima, the birthplace of Japanese Sake Ginjoshu.

I am responsible for your enquiry

MS. Yasuko Hori
(Tour Coordinator/Travel Concierge)


[Guide Profile]
Yasuko Hori had been lived in France for 25 years, having visited more than 93 countries.  She decided to come back to her loved hometown Hiroshima city since 2015 and currently, she works at Setouchi Tourist Information Center and is engaged in DMO (Destination Marketing Organization) consisting of tourism organizations of 7 prefectures surrounding the Seto Inland Sea including Hiroshima Prefecture. At DMO she serves as an interpreter and coordinator of a business meeting group B2B to promote inbound tourism for Setouchi area and Familiarization Trip (Fam Trip) to invite overseas travel agencies to Japan.

[Guide Qualification]
– San’in Area Licensed Guide Interpreter (French)  2018
– Hiroshima Prefectural Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English) 2018
– Kagawa Prefectural Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English) 2019

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