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Setouchi Island Private Cruise, including “Rabbit Island” Ohkunoshima

Ohkunoshima is an island in the Seto Inland Sea off of the coast of Tadanoumi Port. It is the only place in the world where visitors can wander freely among wild rabbits.

Originally there were only a few rabbits on the island, but over the years, the number of rabbits has increased to over 700. In recent years, Ohkunoshima has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Hiroshima prefecture, attracting visitors from around the world. Last year over 300,000 people visited the island. We recommend that you stay overnight on the island at the Kyukamura Hotel to enjoy spending time among the rabbits because are especially active in the morning and evening.

Access to Ohkunoshima
The best way to get to Ohkunoshima from the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Atomic Bomb Dome and Miyajima in Hiroshima City is to take a highway bus from Hiroshima’s main train station going directly to the train station in the town of Takehara. At Takehara change to a local Kure Line train bound for the city of Mihara. Get off at the third stop, Tadanoumi Station, and walk to Tadanoumi Port.

[ From Hiroshima Station ]
Hiroshima Station → (Highway Bus Kaguyahime-go, About 90 minutes, ¥1,180) → Takehara Station → (Bound for Mihara on JR Kure Line, About 11 minutes, ¥200) → Tadanoumi Station

[ From Miyajima ]
Miyajima → (JR Miyajima Ferry, 10 minutes, 1km, ¥180) → Miyajimaguchi Station → (Bound for Hiroshima on JR Sanyohonsen, About 30 minutes, 22 km, ¥410) → Hiroshima Station (See “From Hiroshima Station” above.)

It takes about 15 minutes to Ohkunoshima from Tadanoumi Port by boat or ferry.
Tadanoumi Station → (7 minute walk) → Tadanoumi Port → (Kyukamura Kyakusen or Omishima Ferry, about 15 minutes, ¥310) → Ohkunoshima Pier