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Let’s go Yokogawa Shopping St., sub-culture town in Hiroshima-City

During a trip, people tend to go to famous places. In Hiroshima case, peace park and Miyajima. But, these are not enough to know the real Hiroshima. There are so many spots like Yokogawa where we can talk about stories of peace, special sceneries and friendly nice local people in Hiroshima!

Are you satisfied with only the guidebook information? Sokoiko!
will be the best way to explore the real Hiroshima you have never knew! Let’s get going on cycling together to find new Hiroshima with your eyes and feel this city deeply!

Learning Peace in Hiroshima route
We will go around the remains of the bomb surviving in the city.
※Price per person varies based on quantity
Every Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
10am-1pm (3h)