Hiroshima Television Corporation (HTV) in Japan in conjunction with MyConcierge, Inc. will commence delivering an e-newsletter named “Japan Tourism News (JTN)” which is the first attempt of its kind in Japan.

JTN is the Primary Source of Business on Japan’s Tourism being compiled exclusively for the use of International Travel Professionals (i.e. a B2B platform between tourism-related suppliers in Japan and international travel professionals).

JTN will focus on:-
1) The Information regarding the attractive destinations in Japan, especially now available in the regions of Japan
2) PR materials (photos, texts, movies)
3) Recommendable sightseeing routes for Inbound tourists
4) The information which is indispensable for business deals (e.g. products & services, tariff, contact personnel in charge and etc.)

JTN will at least be distributed monthly by email in Chinese and English to free JTN subscribers.
JTN will compile the “Setouchi” related information first followed by the information in line with the other regional destinations in Japan.

Also, JTN will provide free JTN subscribers with business enquiry services which will be responded by the regional professional guides or local ground operators and etc.

For registration of free JTN subscribers, please click here.