【TAKEHARA, HIROSHIMA】 NIPPONIA HOTEL Takehara Saltworks Town Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings Salt Works Town Type

The hotel is right located in the old town, where traditional wooden buildings harking back to the Edo period. Since Takehara was a prime producer of salt and sake in its heyday and also known as a town facing the Seto Inland Sea, pairing sake made by 3 long-established local sake breweries with dishes highlighting the local produce nurtured in the mild climate of Setouchi and salts from all over the world, will definitely take your dining experience to the next level.
・ Room: 10
・ Restaurant: 50 seats
・ Access:
Hiroshima Airport: 30 mins by car/bus
Nearest Station: JR Takehara Station 10 mins walk
Hiroshima Station: 1 hour by car/bus